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In the Southern Vosges Mountains..

Eaux-de-vie and spirits

Our eaux-de-vie are traditionally distilled in copper stills. We only use the heart, which offers the highest quality and retains the best aromas.

We are the last distillery to age its eaux-de-vie traditionally in glass demijohns stored in lofts. Here, they gain the full benefit of temperature variations between seasons. The “angels’ share” naturally evaporates, resulting in rounder and more fragrant eaux-de-vie.

Classic eaux-de-vie
and spirits

eaux-de-vie classiques

A timeless range of traditional after-dinner drinks: Framboise, Mirabelle, Kirsch, Williams Pear, La Bonne Prune®

We select our fruit from the best growing regions and wherever possible use produce from France.

The ABV of our classic eaux-de-vie is 43% and they are aged for at least two years.

They are presented in Alsace flute bottles. Available in different sizes: 3cl – 35cl – 70cl – 150cl.

Réserve eaux-de-vie
and spirits

This range features classic middle-cut eaux-de-vie: Williams Pear, Mirabelle, Framboise, etc.

The Réserve range is aged for at least five years in glass demijohns in our lofts.

These eaux-de-vie have an ABV of 45%. They are softer and fruitier.

Fantastic after-dinner drinks!

They are presented in special 70cl hand-crafted “Angels’ Teardrop” bottles.

Rare eaux-de-vie
and spirits

A fine range of eaux-de-vie and spirits using the best natural produce.

Our distiller extracts its essence using his copper stills.

Wild berries (alizier®, rowan berry, elderberry, holly, sloe, etc.), small fruit (strawberry, apricot, quince, blackcurrant, blueberry, etc.), roots (gentian, ginger), flowers (our lady’s candle, hops).

A wide variety for lovers of eau-de-vie who like to keep their options open!

Presented in 50cl Alsace flute bottles.

Kirsch de Fougerolles AOC

This eau-de-vie is produced by distilling gean cherries grown in Fougerolles and the ten villages situated in the area covered by the designation of origin. Kirsch de Fougerolles is produced in accordance with strict requirements set out in the Protected Designation of Origin, making it a genuinely local eau-de-vie that is both aromatic and powerful.

It is presented in bô bottles used by all distillers of Kirsch de Fougerolles AOC. This gives the product a distinctive look and is the hallmark of a typically regional product.

La Vieille Poire®

This is one of the distillery’s great specialities. Wonderfully aromatic Williams pears are fermented for several weeks, distilled at a controlled temperature and aged in two stages – firstly in glass demijohns in our lofts and secondly in oak casks in our cellar. Extraordinary results are achieved, with all the fruitiness of Williams pears combined with refined woody notes. A must-try!

La Vieille Poire


Very proud to present our Devoille Single Malt Whiskey, the first whiskey distilled, aged and bottled in Fougerolles.

Batch #3 comes from malted barley brewed by our brewer at Brasserie du Pays Welche. After double distillation, it was aged in ex-Sancerre barrels with a finish in barrels having contained William Pear brandy. This gives a complex tasting with a subtle fruitiness on the finish.
Quantity limited to 1,440 numbered bottles.

And also our fine selection Whiskey with a unique bouquet, slightly peaty, refined, aromatic and woody.

Poire Prisonnière

A timeless gift idea. The pear inside the bottle enhances the flavour of our Williams pear eau-de-vie.

So how does the pear get into the bottle ? A picture on the side of the box provides the answer !

Novelty bottles

Do you need ideas for the perfect gift ? Then look no further than our novelty bottles!

We offer a regularly updated range of originally shaped bottles containing our most iconic eaux-de-vie. Which is your favourite … the fire engine, motorbike or tractor ?

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