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In the Southern Vosges Mountains..

Awaken all five senses when you step into our world
of flavours and aromas…

‘‘ A very warm welcome with very typical regional products (in the best sense) at reasonable prices.
Long live the green fairy and eau-de-vie! ’’

Richard from Dijon (21)

‘‘ Very hospitable people, a good film, a lovely garden and quality products. The tasting was very enjoyable – different to large industrial operation. Many thanks for your hospitality and craftsmanship. ’’

Laura and Brice from Val de Marne

” Many thanks for the tasting. It’s nice to see that family craftsmanship and expertise are still going strong! Especially when the products are so good! Keep up the good work! ’’

Gwen and Tom

‘‘ Don’t change anything. The products are excellent and the people are very friendly! ’’

Claude from Borgo (Corsica)

Thank you for your expertise and hospitality. Great service. ’’

Pierre and Lisa from Tournai (Belgium)

‘‘ Thank you for your warm welcome and in particular the quality of your work. Best wishes … and see you very soon. ’’

37 bikers from the Epernay motorcycle club

‘‘ A wonderful, well-maintained distillery. The tour was interesting and enjoyable. The staff were pleasant and dynamic. Thanks. ’’

P. family from Remiremont

‘‘ Congratulations and keep up the good work. I hope this craft business continues for many years. ’’

Brigitte from Hauts-de-France

” It was very nice to meet such polite staff who were happy to offer advice. This is our third visit and we’ll gladly come back again! ’’

Sylviane and Robert

‘‘ Some fantastic equipment on a site steeped in history, expertise and passion, which is worthy of extremely warm praise. Congratulations to all the team at the Distillerie Paul Devoille! ’’

Ziad Khoury, Prefect for Haute-Saône

” We have been coming here every year for 3 years. We are always given a warm welcome and the products are outstanding. Great to know you’re there! ’’

Christine C from Burgundy

‘‘ Thank you for your hospitality. Congratulations on your expertise. It filled our hearts with joy. ’’

Wolschwiller pensioners’ club

‘‘ The staff always give us a warm welcome. Very good products. We love tasting them! Great place for gift shopping. ’’

Isabelle and Charlie

‘‘ A very interesting visit which I would recommend to anyone. The young lady gave us a wonderful tour. Thank you. ’’

Roger from Canada

‘‘ The tour was a delight and the shop is a real feast for the eyes. It makes you want to buy everything. What’s more, it’s the only one open on Sunday. Fantastic hospitality. We’ll definitely come back. Thank you. ’’

François, Mickaël and Marine from Rombas

” I know this distillery well. I’ve already visited 15 times during this stay. To hell with the thermal baths and long live liqueurs! ’’

Marie from Amiens

” Fantastic products and very lovely staff! Thank you! ’’

Allyson and Simon from Petersfield (Hampshire, England)

” We were delighted to come back here to buy some great souvenirs for the coming year. We’d like to thank the young lady for her hospitality and smile. ’’

Michèle and René from northern France

” How lovely to go back to Fougerolles with its beautiful landscape, fruit specialities and people who always give you a smile. The Morello cherries and spirits we bought will be a lovely reminder of our visit throughout the year. ’’

Françoise and Pierre from Niort

‘‘ Thank you for the very practical lesson you gave us, your wonderful hospitality, and precious liquids. A fantastic discovery. ’’

Tourists from Essonne

‘‘ Great store. I love your alcohols! Merci! ’’

Matt, South Carolina

” A sunny day in Fougerolles was the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Devoille distillery.
Thank you for your warm welcome and delicious products.’’

Pierre and Françoise from La Rochelle

‘‘ Thank you for the tasting. The sales assistant was very charming and polite. ’’

Kirk from Los Angeles

‘‘ The loft takes you back in time and it was great to try some absinthe. Wonderful. We’ll go back. ’’


‘‘ Very happy to discover these fine products from your region. Thank you! ’’

A group of visitors who live in Lyon but whose heart is in the Vosges.

‘‘ Shop very friendly, thank you for the welcome. ’’

Sophie from Marne

‘‘ Thank you for the wonderful tour. We learnt a lot. It is fantastic to see that craftsmanship is alive and well. And of course there’s also the tasting… ’’

Sylvie and Francis

‘‘ Always so many flavours, both old and new, a delight for the palate … and a warm welcome. Many thanks. ’’


” Many thanks for the tasting! ’’

Bernd from Germany

Carefully selected fruit, craftsmanship passed down the generations, a constant desire to innovate, first-class equipment, passionate men and women…

The Distillerie Paul Devoille is all that … and much more besides!

We have helped you enjoy special times with special people since 1859. With our extensive range of eaux-de-vie, liqueurs, absinthes, gins, crèmes, aperitifs, and Morello cherries and fruit in liqueur, we offer something for all tastes.

Find us


7-9 rue des Moines Hauts

+33 (0)3 84 49 10 66


Monday to Friday

8.30 - 12 am and 1.30 - 6 pm

Saturday and Sunday

10 - 12 am and 2 - 6 pm
(Closed on weekends in January, January 1, November 1 and 11 and December 25)

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In mainland France only.

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