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In the Southern Vosges Mountains..

Liqueurs and crèmes

Fancy something sweet? Then try one of our liqueurs!

Our liqueurs and fruit crèmes are painstakingly produced from carefully selected fruits. This enables us to produce powerfully aromatic beverages that preserve the fruit’s specific characteristics.

‘‘Doulce France’’ ® liqueurs

These premium-quality traditional liqueurs are best enjoyed neat after a meal. With an ABV of 35%, they are not too sweet and high in fruit and plant content. In a modern bottle with a very contemporary label, the range of ” Doulce France® ” liqueurs follows the traditional ‘bot’ bottles with their knotted ribbon and rhombic label.

We chose to name this range ” Doulce France® ”, in tribute to the Raspberry Liqueur of the same name which made the reputation of the distillery Devoille in the 1950s.

Original liqueurs

These light liqueurs with their striking colours and vibrant look offer intense flavour and can be enjoyed either neat or in cocktails. You can choose from a vast range of flavours including flowers, spices, chestnut and rhubarb. There is something here for every palate.

Gourmet liqueurs

These smooth, cream-based liqueurs will remind you of innocent, childhood pleasures. They are sweetness itself! Enjoy them neat and chilled over ice cream or a tiramisu. Some customers have even admitted adding a drop or two to their coffee.


Crèmes are liqueurs with a higher fruit and sugar content. If well chilled, they can be enjoyed neat. However, you can also use them in white wine, Crémant sparkling wine or champagne cocktails.
Our main speciality is Crème de Cerises Noires made with several cherry varieties including the famous black cherries grown in Fougerolles.

PUR GOLD William’s Liqueur

Our Williams pear liqueur is a delight to behold with its gold glitter!
The gold glitter gives our heavenly Williams pear liqueur that touch of glamour and allure typical of luxury goods. However, this is an accessible luxury that is equally suitable as a small treat and for marking major occasions. It is a true gem, both in terms of its look and flavour!

Liqueur de Noël

Close your eyes and imagine yourself strolling through an exquisite Christmas market… This liqueur offers warm notes of cinnamon and cloves, further enhanced by gingerbread spices and honey.
It is best enjoyed neat or with warm apple juice. As a cooking ingredient, it is perfect sprinkled over a leg of lamb midway through roasting or for deglazing a frying pan after frying some foie gras escalopes.

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