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In the Southern Vosges Mountains..

Our History


Xavier Devoille set up a fruit distillery in an area of Fougerolles known as “Le Charton”.


After taking over from his father, Paul Devoille moved the distillery to a building complex on Rue des Moines Hauts, which had previously been occupied by a foundry followed by a workshop producing wicker cases for demijohns.
He started to produce absinthe and the company took off under his leadership. As a result, the company still bears his name. He served as mayor of Fougerolles between 1929 and 1944.
Paul Devoille acquired the ‘‘Luzet’’ brand from brothers Constant and Achille Luzet, who had run a distillery in Luxeuil since 1859.


Paul Devoille asked his son-in-law Raymond Gouttefroy to help him run the distillery.


Death of Paul Devoille. Raymond Gouttefroy took over from him.


Raymond Gouttefroy secured the right for all French distillers to distil raspberry liqueur. He created “Doulce France”, a Fine Champagne raspberry liqueur which he exported by the truckload to Canada.
Raymond Gouttefroy bought out the ‘‘Girardin-Aubry’’ brand named after the distillery founded by Léon Girardin in 1894 in the Le Clos area of Fougerolles.


Raymond Gouttefroy secured the right to distil Williams pears, which had previously been prohibited in France.


He bequeathed the distillery to his daughter Elisabeth and son-in-law Jacques Veillet, who developed the export business and attended trade fairs.


René de Miscault, a distiller from Alsace, took over the company. He modernised its equipment and extended the eau-de-vie range to include wild berries, flowers and small fruits. He opened the distillery to the public and started offering guided tours.


Opening of the Eaux-de-Vie Museum in Lapoutroie including exhibits of old-fashioned equipment from the Distillerie Paul Devoille.
A small warehouse and office were opened in Lapoutroie to boost sales to customers in Alsace.


The “Alambics & Pressoirs” shop was opened in central Kaysersberg.


Hugues de Miscault took over as general manager of the distillery. He developed the company, remaining true to his predecessors’ values while also adding a dash of modernity and innovation. With an increasingly female customer base, he extended the range of liqueurs and crèmes.


Creation of the distillery’s flagship black cherry liqueur, Crème de Cerises Noires.
Acquisition of the JP Gisselbrecht brand and opening of a shop in Ribeauvillé, Alsace.


Acquisition of the Lecomte-Blaise distillery in Nol in the Vosges region.

Launch of Libertine®, a wormwood-based spirit after over a year’s research.


After seeding and planting wormwood plants, the entire team took part in the first harvest of artemisia absinthium..


Sales outlet in Fougerolles reopened after major renovations.


Jardin Secret de la Fée Verte (Green Fairy’s Secret Garden) created next to the distillery.


Living Heritage Enterprise state accreditation (EPV) awarded by the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance in recognition of the company’s outstanding craftsmanship.


Ageing cellar opened to the public with an 8-minute film on the production process.


Acquisition of the Brasserie du Pays Welche brewery in Lapoutroie and production of our first beers.


The Distillerie Paul Devoille celebrates its 160th anniversary!


Installation of two new copper stills in the distillation room: a 1500 liter column still and a 500 liter still.


Launch of Devoille Single Malt Whiskey, the first single malt whiskey distilled, aged and bottled in Fougerolles.

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(Closed on weekends in January, January 1, November 1 and 11 and December 25)

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