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In the Southern Vosges Mountains..

Acclaimed craftsmanship

Carefully selected fruit, craftsmanship passed down the generations, a constant desire to innovate, first-class equipment, passionate men and women…

The Distillerie Paul Devoille is all that … and much more besides!


Between 400 and 500 tonnes of fruit is used every year depending on the harvest. Most of this is sourced from fruit-growing regions of France (pears from the Rhone Valley, cherries from Fougerolles and its surrounding area, mirabelle plums from Lorraine, etc.).

Selected ripe fruit is then fermented. Natural yeasts help the sugar to turn into alcohol within 2 days. Natural fermentation of the fruit takes 5 to 8 weeks.

Distillation – selecting the heart

We distil traditionally using copper stills, one of which is over one hundred years old.

At each distillation, our distiller only collects the best eau-de-vie with the strongest fruit aromas. This is the middle cut, also known in French as the bon goût (good taste). It is decanted into demijohns and left to age several years in the loft before being bottled.

Ageing in the attics

Our eaux-de-vie are kept in wicker-covered glass demijohns in one of our three lofts. Here, temperature variations between summer and winter help with the evaporation of esters, also known rather poetically as “the angels’ share”. This concentrates the fruit’s natural aroma.
Ageing takes at least two years for “young” eaux-de-vie and at least five years for the “Réserve” range.
The Distillerie Paul Devoille is the only distillery in Fougerolles that still uses this traditional ageing process. Needless to say, we are very proud of this!


After ageing, the alcohol content of our eaux-de-vie is adjusted to an ABV of 43% or 45% for bottling. Two bottling lines are used:

  • One for bottles of over 35cl. Capacity of 800 bottles per hour
  • One for miniatures Capacity of 2,000 bottles per hour
  • The two lines operate based on orders.

Living Heritage Enterprise accreditation (EPV)

In 2015, the Distillerie Paul Devoille was awarded Living Heritage Enterprise accreditation (EPV), renewed en 2021. This state certification issued by the French Ministry for the Economy recognises companies that exhibit outstanding traditional craftsmanship. All our staff are very proud of this fantastic tribute.

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(Closed on weekends in January, January 1, November 1 and 11 and December 25)

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