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In the Southern Vosges Mountains..


With our track record as a specialist supplier of tailor-made gins to various customers throughout Europe, the idea of going it alone has tempted us for several years, so we embarked on creating our own gins with unique recipes.

Paris Dry Gin ®

This marked the birth of Paris Dry Gin®
We select the most fragrant juniper berries, which we macerate in alcohol before distilling them in a copper still. This juniper eau-de-vie forms the backbone of PARIS DRY GIN®.
We blend it with distillates of other plants in proportions that are kept secret to produce an extraordinary gin, which is classic and rich in equal measure, but with extremely fresh notes.

Plants from our own crop
Plants from our own crop
The lemon balm and peppermint used in the gin are taken from our “own crops” harvested from the Green Fairy’s Secret Garden. They add a lively, fresh touch to the blend. In contrast, Brazilian ginger and allspice provide exotic, spicy notes.

A French gin
The name PARIS DRY GIN® is a nod to the traditional gin denomination of London Dry Gin. If London can have it’s own gin, then why not Paris? And why shouldn’t there be a French gin?

Paris, the city of love … a couple locked in a passionate kiss at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. The little red dress and the silver lettering capture the eye, the epitome of Parisian elegance.

Best enjoyed chilled either neat or with tonic water.

Pink Gin

Very trendy, our Pink Gin is a well-balanced gin.

As a triple distillation gin, it reveals a very interesting tasting where a floral touch succeeds pretty notes of red fruits.

Pink Gin seduces us with its delicate pink color.

40% vol. 70 cl.

You can taste it very fresh, pure or in cocktails.

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